Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bathroom Dilemmas - Tiles

I'm really struggling with my bathroom selections and I'm not really sure why. With everything else, from demolition to design I've hardly hesitated with my decisions. I generally decide on something and run with it.

The issues I'm having is with tiles and cabinetry. This post is about the tiles. Actually, I can pinpont why I'm having so much trouble. Both tiles and cabinetry were selected ages ago, but both are now not able to be used so I had to select something else. I find it very difficult to go back and make new decisions when I've already made one previously. It's like my mind has put that away and moved on.

In a previous post I'd written about these GORGEOUS timber look tiles that I'd fallen completely in love with, despite being $144m2. I could see in my mind how they would look and had my heart completely set on it. A couple of weeks ago though the builder said the tiles were too long to be able to get fall in the bathroom and would need to be cut in a number of places and would look terrible. So I was back to square one.

I've been to SOOO many tile places but I always seems to have these in the back of my mind. It makes selection very difficult. I had then decided on an all white look look, but you can't find a pure white floor tile because of the way they are made. So I had to go a different route.

OK, the tile at the bottom is the wall tile. Just a basic ceramic rectified tile in a pure gloss white. The tile at the top is my thoughts for the floor tile. I say thoughts as I'm still unsure. It's a cool grey tiles, semi gloss and looks a little like brushed aluminium. This is so far away from my timber look floor I'm still struggling with it.

What do you think?