Thursday, May 30, 2013

Guest Room

When my parents came down last month we had only moved into the house about 10 days before. The mattress I bought for them arrived late in the afternoon before their flight came in and I hadn't even had time to buy sheets let alone a base for the bed.

So they slept on the mattress...on the floor.

It was fine, we went and grabbed some new bamboo sheets on the way home and a quilt cover that was on sale. It wasn't the "guest room" experience I was hoping for my very first guests but it was what it was.

That was over a month ago and finally we have a very basic resemblance of a guest room. I dropped in at Sheridan DFO and they were having a big sale. I bought the quilt cover, 2 pillow cases and the European pillow cases all on sale. The sales assistant was so sweet and signed me up to their VIP club, which gave me an extra 10% and because it was my birthday they gave me another $20 off, so all up it was like $90 for all that. Awesome.

The bed base was from a friend who was throwing it out. It's perfectly fine and will do for now, saves me a few hundred dollars for the moment and I just need to find a valance for it.

It's still missing bedside tables, lamps and some artwork, but is now at least basic amenities for any guests.

Now I just need some more guests...