Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The next layer

So we have the second coat on the front of the fence.


I broke my own rule of staying out of the sun between 10am and 4pm and just painted straight through Saturday. I wore my son's long sleeve workshirt which was miles too big and now covered in paint. It was hot, but I'm beyond caring, I just need to get this finished!

This coat is same colour as the pillars, Dulux Accord, and annoyingly, no one seems to like it. Everyone likes it on the pillars, but the feedback is that everyone liked the fence white. 

Le sigh.

Let's just see how it looks once it has the highlights on the post...hopefully by next week 😁.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fence painting weekend progress

Had a teeny bit of progress on the fence on the weekend, nothing you can see from the front, so here's a photo from the inside.

The first coat now is 'mostly' finished, there's just some bits on the ends of the timber and behind the beams that I need to get a special brush to reach.

This is a pic of what has really taken the most time - taping up all the metal. Hopefully the next few coats will be faster as I won't have to retake (although it is 14 day tape and it's been way longer than that). I started off just taping up the large pieces and then as I went along I thought I'd better do some of the smaller bits, then by the end I thought, well may as well do it properly. Quality - you are making my life miserable!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Painting the fence?

Are we painting the fence this long weekend?


Seriously…we're never going to get this fence painted. Since it was finished waaay back in January, it's rained for about 7 of the weekends and the other weekends that it's been dry we have been out of town or out of the COUNTRY! Arrrrrgh, it drives me crazy!!  I actually love rain but please make it stop!!  Just so I can finish this fence and move on with my life!!!

Happy Easter though, I'll go back to eating chocolate eggs…

*Post Note* With such a crappy forecast, I bagged a cheap last minute flight and headed home to North Queensland. Turns out there was sunshine all weekend in Brissie...and rain in Townsville, which just proves my theory that the rain is following me wherever I go.