Sunday, November 26, 2017

Number 55

We've gone from number 57 to number 55 without moving! When we subdivided (a while ago now) the spare block took the original number 57 that we'd always been and the house became number 55. We hadn't changed anything officially on correspondence because it all just seemed too hard and the new owners of the spare block hadn't yet started building.

But there were a couple of things that we did have to change and that was Council rates and utilities. When they tried to deliver to 55 and complained they couldn't find the letterbox, we figured it was time to do something...officially.

So we've finally made the change and the letterbox was the start. It looks really weird after being 57 for so long.

Friday, November 24, 2017

New bar stools!!

I've treated myself to an early Christmas present of new bar stools for the kitchen and I'm loving them so much I think that will also cover my birthday and Christmas for next year!!

These lovelies have been on my wishlist for AGES. They're replica Yvonne Potter Y stools and I love the simplicity of their design. The footprint isn't as wide as many of the other stools so they don't jut out as wide from the bench and the fineness of the legs don't take away from the statement island bench. These came in a variety of materials - like oak seat and white legs, but this combo matches the rest of the chrome and walnut elements throughout the house. I'm LOVING them.

I'm also loving the price I got them for. As per usual I've kept them on a watch list until they went on sale and while patience is a virtue I don't usually have, when it comes to large purchases I don't really have much choice and in the end it usually pays off. These were a great price and I intend to have these for a long time so I consider them a worthy investment.

The old bar stools certainly served their time and they've been brilliant. They've seen many meals, parties and get togethers and they were snapped up pretty quickly on Gumtree for their next life.