Thursday, February 25, 2016

The front garden…then and now

I was sorting out some old photos on my desktop and came across the one on the left. I don't know when it was taken, but the neighbour whose car is in the background hasn't lived there for over 18 months so it's at least that old.

Fast forward to the photo on the right taken today. So much progress you don't realise until you look back. Even though it desperate needs weeding, the garden and path looks amazing compared to how it looked not so long again. I can't describe how much happiness this little garden brings me. I stand out there at 5am in the morning and water it, religiously fertilise it, spray it, weed it. Well, not weed it, I really need to weed it. But I don't think I would appreciate or enjoy it nearly as much if it had paid someone else to do it.

There's still the middle patch to do, which you can't see in this photo. Maybe this weekend…

Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Outdoor Chairs

Bought new outdoor chairs today! Well, kind of. Just new chair pads. In grey…for something different. The old ones were looking really manky and mouldy and just old. These really funk it up, are really comfy and were way cheap. Win!