Thursday, March 30, 2017

Plant Love

I have no idea why people think I have a problem with plants. All I want to do is fill my house up entirely with greenery and if I spend hours repotting, planting, watering, researching and scouring the markets, I hardly think that's an addiction.

Meanwhile, how amazingly beautiful do my new indoor plants look? I have no idea what half of them are, other than beautiful.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Reading Nook Update

The reading room is almost complete! The replacement console, for the one that arrived in the wrong colour, now looks perfectly matched with the other key pieces in the house.  The supplier came good on their promise to make the replacement in the old style (just naturally waxed, no stain), but only as a one off. It took another 12 weeks to arrive but so worth the wait and the American walnut grain now shows through as it does with the dining table, Josh's bed and bedside table.

I've moved the retro chair from the lounge into this space, now that my bargain Don Draper chairs are there. Truth be told, the reading nook was always the place it was meant to be.

The lamp and lamp table were both on sale from Adairs (surprise surprise) and both were pieces I've been looking at for a long, long, long time, waiting patiently for them to go on sale.

The rug was from the office and probably not a permanent piece, was just left over from a bit of shuffling that I've been doing. It's definitely fine for the moment.

While our little reading nook is ALMOST finished, I would like to make a change, not now, but down the track when our budget allows...
I would love this walnut Sean Dix bookshelf (from for this space and then I'd move the console to the top of the stairs. I love the simple, clean lines and I could imagine this filled with some books, photos, plants and board games.

But for now we just love our little reading nook just as it is. It's a quiet little escape pod to just read a magazine and have a cup of tea. I'd really like some more photos in frames so that will be my little project over Easter.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

More of a bargain than I ever imagined

I'm still madly in love with the Don Draper chairs I picked up from Gumtree. They're so unique, but so classic AND comfy! Two are in the lounge room and the remaining eight are over at Jansen's office, being used as meeting chairs until such time as the new house is built.

The curiosity of the history and designer of these chairs has been killing me though. I did a bit of google searching, but it's hard to trawl through thousands of results when you're searching for 'walnut and black leather chair'.

Seriously, look at this! UNBELIEVABLE!! I came across this purely by accident. It's a retro furniture store in the city that I follow on Facebook and I was just scrolling through some of their old pics not specifically looking for these chairs, but then there they were. Mystery sold - the chairs have a designer! Fredrik A. Kayser!!

So with further research, based on the timing that Kayser was working at Vatne, it looks like these chairs were designed and manufactured in the late 1950s, a lot earlier than I had originally thought. And surprisingly, the timber frame is walnut stained oak and not walnut as I had thought.

BUT, the unbelievable thing is the price!! They were listed at Vinyl Frontier for $465 EACH but some overseas sites (I found, after more research) had them listed for up to $800 each. I bought all 10 for $250 so I'm absolutely astounded (and stoked) that they may be worth up to $8000! It's a moot point though because I love them and have no intention whatsoever of selling them or breaking up the set.

In my original post, I said these were in my top five of amazing finds. I'm pretty sure this has just shot to the number one.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Can I come in?

Bahahahahahah Bella cracks me up so much. She's so serious sometimes! It must be a whippet thing. Oh and we bought a new car. A red one. One that can fit lots of plants, lots of IKEA flat pack and lots of tall teenagers. #finally.