Thursday, May 12, 2016

Goodbye Red Door

Today we sold the red door that was on the original house. It's a sad day. I loved that door and kept it for years for some reason. Secretly I think I was hoping I could re-use it on another reno down the track. Sigh, it was not to be. The granny flat it was stored in needs to be knocked down for the subdivision so it had to go.

I put it on Gumtree and it was snapped up in minutes. A sweet young lass with a newborn baby drove all the way from the Gold Coast to pick it up. She was renovating a house and I think it will look lovely. I hope she gets as much enjoyment out of it that I did. I'm glad (but sad) it's gone to a good home.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


This is our internet cable after the guys constructed the new water meter for the subdivision.  I saw them from my bedroom window digging the channel for it, dangerously close the cable. I knew exactly where the cable was because Josh and I spent a week digging the channel 3 years ago to save costs.

It was too late. I motioned to the guys over the noise and said, "be careful, there's an internet cable near there." 

"Yeah," he said, "we found it with our backhoe. But we only cracked the conduit, the cable is fine."

Ugh, no it ain't…

Collateral damage.