About the House

The design is still in development as Council haven't yet approved the design. But this is what is looks like at the moment.

As the house is in a flood zone, it is subject to strict Council regulations that states all "habitable" areas must be above the flood zone. The habitable areas include bedrooms, living, kitchen, dining. The non habitable areas are rooms such as laundry, garage and storage. The house will be closed in on the ground floor, but only non habitable rooms will be here, all other habitable rooms will be on the upper floor.

I'll post more on the house as they are approved by council.

Update - 22 June 2012

As of 22 June 2012, the subdivision and the house design were approved - yippee! From here on in, the house will need to be demolished and the building application submitted. Once that is done, it's all systems go! I'm hoping for a Christmas 2012 move in date...but let's see how it goes.

Update - 28 August 2014

So we've celebrated over 12 months of residential bliss after rebuilding and moving back in. I've kept the blog going because there's still lots to do to the house. BTW, the house, I'm loving it!

Update - 26 July 2015

Stage 2, the subdivision will shortly commence. I'll have to decide whether to simply sell the second block, sell the house we're in now and build and live on the second block, or build on the second block and try and sell it OR put together a home and land package. So many decisions!

Update - 14 February 2016

Stage 2 of the subdivision got held up with…life. But my DA runs out soon so any more delays on my part aren't possible. The loan has been extended, and applications forms have been submitted. Earthworks will commence shortly. There's confusion on whether the granny flat will need to be removed.


  1. Hi,

    I found your house build blog. I am building also, similar demolition and rebuild although not due to floods.

    Are you building with Adenbrook or DesignBuild? We are building with Adenbrook North Brisbane, also hoping for a November or December finish. I don't have a blog, just some entries on homeone forum.


    Email me if you are building with Adenbrook - they are having some problems in North Brisbane at the moment. matthew.kane@minterellison.com

    1. Hi, I had DesignBuild Homes do the design only (love, love, love it) and I'm organising the building. All the best with your home, I'm positive it will all work out in the end.

      Checked out your entries on the forum, your house has a fantastic view! I was given a time lapse camera for my birthday and am trying to work out a way I can mount it high enough to get a good view of the building. xx