Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tea Towel Art

I was at the Christmas Markets at the Gallery of Modern Art with my cousin just before Christmas and fell in love with a print on a tea towel by Two Hands Four Birds. It was a simple black and white drawing of a few building, but I loved it and knew instantly how awesome it would look in a frame. The linen has a gorgeous texture, giving it different dimension to an ordinary paper print.

I've put it up in the living room above the retro chair and it looks fab in that little space. There were a few other designs there that I loved and I'm thinking of getting some more and creating a series of them.

I love finding these little things!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Living Room Vingette

Here's the latest vingette from my living room, sitting on the entertainment unit next to the TV.  I'm calling this my bargain collection and it's become my favourite. The total cost was about $10.

The candle was on clearance from KMart for $4 and I really just wanted it for the pot so I can put a plant in it when it's empty. It's a long burning sucker though, cause I've been burning it for hours and it's hardly gone down at all.

The peperomio plant was from Woolworths (so random, but they sometimes have good plants) and was about $6 and the pot was one I already had.

Last weekend I got together with a couple of friends from work who were also 'enthusiastic' shoppers, and took out a stall at the Mt Gravatt fashion markets. We had loads of clothes and homewares to sell. I'll be honest, I didn't sell that much, but the other girls did.  During the quiet times there was lots of checking out of each other's wares and at the end of the day, there was a lot of swapping and giving away among us. The clock was one of the giveaways. I had my eye on it all day and when it didn't sell my beautiful friend just gave it to me. We were really in need of a clock in the living room and this one is PERFECT!

I'm so loving this little space!