Monday, August 31, 2015

The slow garden

Progress on the garden is slow. So very, very slow. I have no time during the week and every weekend we seem to have something on. I look longingly at the bare garden bed every time I drive in, dreaming of a lush, green garden with fragrant white flowers.

This weekend I finally put some soil into the beds. I think I moved about 20 wheelbarrow loads in between breakfast with my cousin at the West End Markets and helping Josh with his assignment. It falls short by about 5 more loads, but I had to pull up stumps cause we had friends coming over for dinner and I had nothing in the fridge.

I did buy all these spider lily bulbs from a lady who was turning the space into a veggie garden. They were soooo cheap and way more mature than bulbs you buy. Win!! I'm certainly not adverse to moonlight planting, so maybe these lovelies will be going into the ground after dark.