Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Side Garden Progress

It's been a while since I had any progress on the side garden and over six months since I last posted about it. The front garden, the subdivision, life etc has gotten in the way, but I made some progress over the weekend.

I ordered a 11m3 of tumbled river rock which I'm going to use down the side and underneath the house. The stepping stone pavers are just for the side path, underneath the house will just be stones. At the moment it's just dirt/mud and it's driving me crazy!

Bella the Wonder Dog was on hand to supervise. She mostly just fell asleep in front of the giant pile of stones which will take me many, many weekends to move. At least I've made a start…

Friday, June 17, 2016

The house project has a new family member

We've added a new member of the family to the household. Well, kind of. Gizmo is Jansen's dog, so he  comes with him. They're a package deal. 

I was really worried that Gizmo and Bella wouldn't get along, cause they're both getting old and have spent all their lives as the only dog in the household. Nothing to worry about though cause they're best buddies and spend all day running around in the back yard and hanging out together.

Then at night they just chillax.

And snuggle…

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The front garden progress

January 2015

September 2015

May 2016

It's absolutely pouring today and has been all night and I'm dying to go out in the garden. This is the first weekend in months that we haven't had a wedding, baby shower, birthday party or other to go to and had everything ready for a day in the garden.

So I'm sitting indoors with the dog at my feet, cup of tea in hand and going through some old photos of the house and photos I took the other day. The front side garden has had so much progress. It was originally a weed infested patch on uneven ground and now it's lush and green and full of my favourite gardenias. It's my favourite part of the garden.