Sunday, January 14, 2018

The House Project has sold!

So this has happened and I'm happy/sad.

Everything has happened so quickly I've hardly had time to process it all. I really hesitated about putting it on the market just before Christmas as it's a traditionally difficult time of the year and many advised to just leave it and list it in February when the market generally picked up again. But we'd moved out and the house was cleaned, styled and all ready to go so we thought we'd just give it a go and see how it went.

It was literally the week before Christmas and the house had hardly been on the market and the couple that matched our target demographic PERFECTLY walked in. People always say you only need that one perfect buyer that loves the house exactly as it is and that's just what happened. They put an offer in within the hour of inspection waiving cooling off period, building and pest and finance. It was a done deal by that afternoon.

They wanted a quick 21 day settlement OVER CHRISTMAS which was super tight, especially as I was due to fly to Townsville for Christmas and go up to Agnes Waters for a holiday, but we made it work. By the time we got back we only had 4 days to pack everything up, organise removalists and storage and clean up. I think I finished at 1am on the day before settlement.

They have intentions of finishing the downstairs as well with a kitchenette and deck out the backyard and this makes my heart happy. But it's only just now I'm processing it all.