Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lighting Lovliness

Image courtesy of DesignBuild Homes
It's been 17 months since the flood and we've just moved into an apartment and truth be told - I'm going stir crazy. It feels like NOTHING is happening, even though the plans are well underway.

To make myself feel better and feel like something is happening, I OBSESS over interior design and am considering starting to actually buy some of the fixtures to store until the build. That way I feel like I'm making some progress.

So lighting is my latest focus. Namely the ceiling pendants above the breakfast bar and the ceiling pendant for the stairwell. The main pic above has the pendant lights I love above the breakfast bar and the one in the dining room is the type I would love in the stairwell.

Ikea Foto Light - $59
I like this one from Ikea. It's $59 which seems pretty reasonable to me. The breakfast bar is very long, almost 3 metres I think, but I think three pendants would be enough.

This is the Coral Lamp by David Trubridge. I think it's the lamp in the main photo. I can't find a price for it, which means it's probably expensive.  Either way, I love it and wondering it would be big enough for the stairwell. Or I could do what they've done and put it above the dining table as well. I was worried it would be too much featuring lighting in one spot, but it looks pretty good they way they've done it.

I still also love this Fillsta pendant lamp, also from Ikea. It's on my Pinterest board. The largest one though is 78cms, maybe not enough impact, so I was thinking maybe hanging three of them in three different sizes in different lengths in the middle. Thoughts?


  1. I love the Ikea Foto lamp - in fact I'm thinking of using it in a client project at the moment. And yes, it's a very reasonable price! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. I have 2 of these above my kitchen island (which is only about 2 metres long I think) and LOVE them. They were an impulse buy but one I've never regretted - at that price you can't go wrong.

  3. Hi. Have just discovered your blog. The David Trubridge lights I have been told are cheaper to order from NZ. This site has the prices and sizes:).

    1. Ohh that's fantastic Christine!! Thank you so much!! xx