Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The gorgeous Singapore Frangipanis I was given for Valentine's Day finally have proper pots! The poor things were beginning to get root bound, I think I transplanted them just in time.

I'd been looking for pots for ages but they were all about $35 each and I wasn't that keen to pay $70 for a pair of pots. I got a hot tip that there was a closing down sale at a nursery in Eight Miles Plains where all the pots were 50% off so I jumped in the car IMMEDIATELY. These were the exact pots I was after and just $15 each. Win.

The nursery was across the road from a butcher one of the girls at work had mentioned. I said to her the next day that they were having a closing down sale with hot prices for pots. She said, "meh, they've been closing down for 2 years, I wouldn't exactly jump in the car and race down there...."

I didn't tell her...

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