Saturday, November 23, 2013

New blind for the dining room

It's funny how you live without something for so long and then when you finally get it, you wonder how you ever did without it.

We finally installed a "proper" blind for the dining room. And I mean proper because over the past six months there's been a myriad of versions of window furnishings covering the largest window of the house. These have ranged from cardboard boxes, corflute signs, bedsheets and, most recently, just plain nothing. Kinda like the window furnishings in the master bedroom.

The sun beams directly onto the floorboards in the morning and so it really was essential to have something up as the floorboards would start fading soon. The eBay shop I bought all my other blinds from only stocked up to 1800mm width and this window is 2400mm wide and I didn't want to put two blinds up, so I had to find another (cheap) stockist.

The quote from a custom supplier was over $400, but I bought this from - $210. Bargain!

You like?


  1. While I would have thought you’d go for curtains, these blinds do provide more cover, especially when the sun is shining directly in that direction. But by any chance, do you plan to change to curtains in the future, or are you sticking to blinds?

    Jannet | Walker Contracting Inc

    1. Yep sticking with blinds :-) Easier to maintain and also has the more minimalist look I was after.

      Am planning to do blinds for the whole house eventually, but the front master bedroom has curtains - - mainly though because there's a chance you can still see through blinds and being on main road, I didn't want to take any chances :-) xx


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