Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guest Room Update

Our sweet little guest room has come a long way since our very first guests stayed. Just two weeks after we moved in, my parents came to stay and all they had was a mattress on the floor. No bedside tables, not even a bed frame, just a doona and a couple of pillows. The skirtings hadn't even been painted.

We're using the bed frame from Jansen's guest room in our master bedroom and transferred the former master bed into the guest room along with the bedside tables. The bedside lamps are new and the rug is the shagpile one that was in the lounge room. So really not that much new...just a bit of shuffling around.

The styling with the cushions has taken inspiration from the AMAZING interior designers we have at work. They're so talented and I get so many ideas from their work.

There's still a couple of things still left - a roller blind for the window and some wall art. But it's come a long, long way from this...

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