Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New door stops!


The next problem caused by the great skirting board stuff up is the door stops. (It's like the gift that keeps on giving…)

The door stop set. The latch on the right was the bit thrown out with the skirtings.

This issue was caused when the guys I hired pulled the skirtings off. The latch that clips onto the "stop" on the door was turfed out with the broken skirtings. So effectively for over a year we've only had a rubber stopper to stop the door handle banging into the walls and damaging them. We've had nothing to keep it open and doors would slam loudly at random times and scare the bejesus out of us.

Paint marks :-(

I've always hated those door stops anyway, they were U-G-L-Y (you got no alibi), but of course when I went to find replacements for the stops, I couldn't find any, anywhere. So I decided to pull them off and replace them with much nicer chrome ones.

Sigh. Removing them revealed a lovely yellow mark, which means that the new one would have to be the same or larger and of course there are none!

Only a little bit to patch up

This is the best I could find. It was about 10mm too short so I covered one hole and the other one I will have to sand back and paint at a later date.


Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it. They look so much nicer than the ugly white ones and the magnetic latch is strong enough that we can leave all the windows in the house open now.


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