Saturday, October 10, 2015

The birds

The backyard. Looks harmless enough doesn't it? Who would think it would be the scene of a bloody and coordinated attack by a flock of vicious, mutant birds, with razors for beaks and fire for wings?

Actually that's a bit dramatic. In fact there were only two and they were magpies. And they weren't on fire. And it is nesting season. This is the first time though that I've ever known magpies to nest in that tree and it's the first time I've been swooped before. It's pretty scary. 

I was just taking some compost to the backyard and I saw a magpie sitting on the ground. I thought perhaps it was injured so I went closer for a look but in hindsight maybe it was just a baby and learning to fly. One swooped me from behind and pecked me on the head and before I knew it another one was coming from the front. Luckily I was wearing a pretty tough baseball cap but I have no doubt that if I hadn't been the peck certainly would have drawn blood.

I retreated to under the house, which is a long way from the tree and another one just sat on the fence looking at me. I'm not sure if it was the same one but it looked pretty evil.

I just did a google search and apparently nesting season goes to the end of December. Arrrgh!

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