Monday, April 18, 2016

All hands on deck!

My Mum and stepfather visited recently and they're the kind of people who don't really know how to 'holiday". They're old school and need to be busy doing something all the time, which was awesome for me!

The first thing my stepfather laid his eyes on were the fading timber on the back deck and side landing outside the laundry. I will admit I haven't oiled it since we moved in almost 3 years ago, and it's definitely been on my "to do list".

I think it's kwila hardwood and was a gorgeous deep red when it was first built. It had been oiled and the builder did tell me that I should be re-oiling it annually, but, well, you know…

Anyways, he was straight onto, asking to go to the nearest Bunnings (you don't need to ask me twice) and he picked up some deck clean, oil and brushes.

It came up a treat! (How does Bella keep getting in these photos??) We ended up putting about 3 coats on because it was just so dry. And we probably could have gone another 2, but we didn't really have the time.  I definitely won't be leaving it this long between coats again.

My stepfather did other things as well - sprayed the weeds, fixed the shower rose, tightened all the screws on the chairs. We like visitors like this!!

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