Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Backyard Progress

Like everything with this project, the underneath part of the house is progressing slowly, but surely, little bit by little bit. The good thing about taking so many photos is that you can look back when you're a bit frustrated by progress to see how far you've really come from the beginning.

The paths on both sides are complete and the remaining stones are underneath the house. The side garden has been planted out with gardenias, murrayas, spider lilies and star jasmine and it's just time and patience for these to grow. So for the most part, the underneath part of the house is pretty much complete. I'm really struggling though to decide (and fund) what to do in the back part of the house as I wanted to turn it into an entertainment area. I got a quote for concrete, which I don't think would look amazing, but probably the most economical, and that came in at twice what I thought it would be. I'm yet to get a quote for decking, but I'm almost positive it will be more expensive.

In my frustrated state I had a look back on my old photos of the backyard from when we first moved in. I feel a lot better, we have made a lot of progress and it's pretty much all been done by hand, by us and not contractors. This photo was taken even before we had a blind in the dining room and just used old sheets to cover the windows. I remember taking this photo and thinking, "where do I even start?"

There's still so much to do…but also so much that's been done.

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