Monday, November 28, 2016

The Master Bedroom Makeover

The master bedroom has been given a makeover! I'm loving all these new elements so much and they're all pieces I've had on my wish list for a very long time!

The bedhead is from Adairs and I've had my eye on it for well over a year. It's been a combination of waiting for it to go and sale and that being the case at a time when I could afford it. Finally, and only recently, I bought this and the matching bedside tables when they were half price.

I'm really loving not having bed ends. I've been in a phase for about 10 years where I've always had slat beds, not sure why, but I've realised that without them, it's easier to put sheets on and it doesn't enclose the space, especially if you have a small room. This master bedroom is a decent size, but without bed ends, the room looks huge, even a bit bare, but I have plans for that later.

The bed base isn't actually from the same range. It's from a completely different store, but has the same charcoal upholstery and matches the bed head perfectly. I was a little worried about everything being matchy-matchy, but there's still a few individual touches I need to add to make it not so...well, matchy.

The gorgeous quilt cover is from Aura Home and again, something I've had my eye on for ages! It's been on sale a few times but other bills took precedent. Finally last week it was on sale for 40% off (woo-hoo!) and the timing was perfect. The material is a beautiful, silky cotton, cool to touch and with a nice sheen to add a bit of dimension.

The rest of the bedroom includes a couple of indoor plants and the existing bedside lamps to complete this first stage of the master bedroom makeover.

It's definitely, I think, a VAST imrpovement on what's we've had the last few years. It was just so...beige. Literally and figuratively! The bed was a hand me down and don't get me wrong, very much appreciated, but the combination of the lighter, orange tinged timber with the beige covers and curtains just made it a bit souless. And that's definitely not what you want in the bedroom!

With this new makeover (which, by the way has been about 3 months in progress and still ongoing) the bedroom has positive energy and a vibrant yet relaxing vibe.

I still have loads more plans for this room. New curtains, rug, bench seat for the end of the bed, bedside lamps, a chaise for the niche at the opposite end of the bed, cushions for said chaise and some wall art. All in good time though, I have to find the pieces that fit perfectly and I have to have the funds for it. I have a little decorating savings fund that I put a small amount into each month. In the meantime, loving, LOVING this space.

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