Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The guest bedroom gets (another) makeover

The guest bedroom has been given another makeover with a new charcoal bedhead and base and new side tables and I'm LOVING it so much!!

The look has gone from a country style (created from timber bed we've had for over 10 years) to more of a modern, minimalist look, but still with touches of mid-century. The bedhead is from Adairs, the base from Myer and both were on sale. The bedside tables, clock and concrete pot plant are all from Kmart so this was definitely a budget makeover.

The change from the old sleigh style bed has also created more space around the bed and make the room look and feel so much bigger and more spacious.

Previously, if the door and the wardrobe door were open there was just centimetres to get through.

It was pretty tight and felt a little claustrophobic.

Now though there's loads more space to get through.

There's been a number of changes to the room over the years, but I'm pretty sure this will be it for a while. I'm loving the space so much I wish I could sleep in here. We actually have guests staying with us at the moment though, and I'm sure they appreciate the update.

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