Friday, September 1, 2017

The skirting board saga - the final chapter

Haha I can't believe I'm STILL sorting out this skirting board issue, almost four years down the track.  You might recall the saga (or maybe you've tried to block it out of your mind like me) so here's a quick recap. 

The skirting boards were accidentally installed too low by the builder as they thought the flooring I was installing after handover were tiles, not floating floors. They were pulled off by the guys who installed the flooring and one of Jansen's chippies installed new ones after we moved in.

That part was actually easy, it wasn't until I decided to paint them myself that the pain started. It's so much harder than you would think, and it took ages to get it done. I got part way there in the end - patching up holes, sanding and two undercoats of matte paint. I was so over it by the end I didn't put the final, gloss coat on. Mainly because it's a much harder job to do than the matte paint and I was always going to get it done by a professional. But also cause I was over it.

Well, years down the track and it's time todo it before the house goes on the market and to be honest, I don't want fork out the $1000 that it would be for a professional, so here I find myself, again, surrounded by tape and brushes and paint.

I remember now how crap I am at this. My taping skills are bad and my painting skills are worse.

This was by far the worse example. I didn't squeeze the water out of the brushes properly when I washed them so when I used them the next day the paint was all watery and just seeped in under the tape. AARGH!!

The good thing is, I guess, this will be the final chapter. And I really need closure.

Rant over, back to painting.

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