Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kitchen Appliance Dilemma

The builder has budgeted $2400 for the oven, cooktop and rangehood and I'm committed to trying to stick to all his PC limits as best I can.

One thing I'm a bit anal on is matching all the appliances. So, here's my dilemma.

I (very) luckily work for a property company and they have this Blanco 752X electric oven available that was a cancelled order from a customer. It's a old model but still brand new in the box. It retails for about $1600 but I could get it for $300, which would be FABULOUS! means the other two items would need to be Blanco. Certainly not the cheapest brand around.

This is the Blanco gas cooktop I like - RRP $1099

This is the rangehood I like, it's $769 

So that lot comes to $2168 and I could probably get that down a bit more with some research and bargaining. But the dishwasher isn't included in this budget, so if I go Blanco, I'll have to get there dishwasher as well.

Blanco dishwasher - $1200. Ouch!

Blanco don't make fridges, so I'm not worried about that and I was hoping to conceal it in cabinetry anyway. But my dilemma is, so I go with Blanco just to get the saving on the oven, or do I go for a cheaper brand altogether knowing I can definitely get it all under budget?

Any thoughts?

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