Saturday, June 30, 2012

The House

OK - here it is! This is the first floor of the house. Look how big that walk in wardrobe is! ;-)

I love this floor plan, it has everything that I wanted and I love how the living space is all at the back. It was quite the consultation process with the architect, but he's got it exactly what I wanted. The study nook at the top of the stairs was his idea and I love it! It will probably be more of a reading nook though.

The ground floor, because it's in a flood zone, is considered non-habitable. The laundry and another bathroom are on this floor, but the rest of the space is considered "storage", so a bit teenagers' retreat or guests space methinks. Maybe I could put a home office there too...unofficially.

What do you think?

Just a footnote, this is the original sketch and I've made some minor changes since then. In the ensuite, I've taken out the second basin and shortened the vanity to fit a towel rail near the shower. Same for the main bathroom, the vanity has been shortened to fit a towel rail near the bath. I'll also put a hook next to the shower so you don't have to spread water all across the bathroom to get to the towel rail.

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