Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Facade

This is the facade that the house is based on. There's a few minor changes - there will be a about a 4 step staircase up to the front door because of flood requirements. And there won't be a hip on the portico roof, it'll be flat.

I haven't thought about colours yet, but I actually like the ones that are here. I was thinking of more Hamptons style, but I'm worried all white might look a bit stark?

I'm also not sure whether we'll be able to have the wire balustrading on the front balcony, apparently there has been a change in regulations, so we're waiting to hear back on whether it will still be within code.

I've also added some storage in the garage and the top floor front facade will now be timber instead of render.

Originally, the Council wanted me to raise the garage to 1.6metres above natural ground level...which is ridiculous. Luckily we have come to a more reasonable alternative. There will still need to be some fill put in, but I won't have to put a lift in to get the car into the garage now ;-).

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