Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blanca Gomez

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about all the gorgeous artwork I was dreaming of for the new house and the distraction it was creating. It still distracts me and I was particularly in love with these prints with London, Paris and New York themes that I saw at Oz Design. They were $115 each.

I can't tell you how much I love the internet. I think I want to marry it! I just googled "London Paris New York Prints" and found the artist is an amazing graphic designer called Blanca Gomez. AND....I can get all 3 prints on Etsy for $75 plus $12 postage. Then I would just need to find 3 decent frames which I think would be maybe $20 each if I hunted around? So all up about $147 saving $198.

I'm still in two minds on whether I should start buying furnishings now or wait until the house is finished and we move in. On one hand I think I should really be waiting until the house is finished so I can keep a tight rein on my budget. On the other hand though I can just see I will wait until the house is done and when I go to buy all the lovely things I've been waiting for they will no longer be available. I wonder too if buying a few things now will take the edge of lump sum purchases when I love in.

So many decisions....

But I still love the internet...


  1. Oh how fabulous that you found these.......So excited for you.... Try spotlight, target and ikea for frames

    1. Ohhh yes I think I'll get them from Ikea - I love the frames there!! Thanks Rosie!! xx