Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 52 - First Internal Inspection!

My first internal inspection was today and wowsee what an eye opener. Behind all that insane scaffolding the builders have been working "hammer and tong" (their words, not mine) and have made amazing progress.

Most of the internal stud walls are up and it was SOOOO exciting walk through. It felt like a si-fi moment where all those flat, paper plans projected up, Star Wars style, into a laser 3D walk through.

Rear Balcony (was sooo much higher than surrounding house) will be uninterrupted breezes!

From the front balcony looking into the master bedroom
Study nook at the top of the stairs 

Kitchen/Dining/Lounge Area
In the next couple of weeks the plumbing and electrical rough in has been scheduled, the wall cladding will go up and the painters will paint the external walls. I found out why the builder was so intent on confirming the external paint selection - the scaffolding costs $450/DAY!!!! OMG.

Of's just started raining. As long as it's not a FLOOD, I'm OK. Que Sera Sera.

Rocco...the builder's dog


  1. Things really are flying along! Let's hope the builders maintain this pace.

    Oh, yes, scaffolding - the root of all budgetary evil!!!


    1. Oh my god yes M, I can't believe how expensive it is!! I'm in the WRONG business!! I need to get into scaffolding! ;-P xx