Monday, July 29, 2013

Pretty, Shiny Things

Whoever said you don't get anything out of a rewards program never met a Chinese person! This is our shiny new toaster courtesy of Fly Buys. I'll admit it took me a while to accumulate the points but we didn't change our shopping habits or buy extra items to get the points or anything stupid like that. My Mum and brother both have cards on my account and they both also shop at Coles and Target normally so the points just accumulated nicely in the background.

I love the contrast of the cherry red against the white of the kitchen and I love the retro look of the range. It's why I chose it! Oh, and also cause we really needed a toaster. Our temporary $8 toaster from K-Mart died a while back so we've been using the oven. The OVEN. To make TOAST. Both inefficient and not very toasty.

We also have enough for the matching cherry red kettle as well. That's next!!

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