Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Study

A few months ago the company I worked for was bought out by another company and downsized significantly. We went from an office staff of about 43 down to just 15 and a two storey office block down to a much smaller space about 1/6 of the size of the old one.

We'd been in that original office for over 10 years and there was so much stuff we simply couldn't keep.  We spent over 2 weeks sorting out furniture, archives and just...stuff. We threw out 3 large skiploads of rubbish and archives and pulled apart furniture for storage as we just couldn't fit all the furniture into the new office.

The office manager was very generous and knew I was trying to set up a dedicated space for Josh to study. They let me have this awesome desk, which had a scratch on it and dodgy leg, but it was easily covered up and we managed to fix the leg. The matching return was destined for the skip because it had a big bow in it, but we just turned it upside down and put a heavy printer on it for a few days and it flattened out. They were both from Ikea so the only thing I had to buy was the matching set of drawers.

I'm getting pretty good at putting Ikea furniture together, but this one took a little longer than the other ones.

There were a LOT more bits and pieces than the other items I'd put together and it took me over an hour to put it all together.

The drawers were the hardest part and there was actually a mistake in the instructions...took me a while to work out what was right.

I got there in the end and so the basics of the study is complete. I also rescued a perfectly good office chair and set of intrays that were all destined for the skip.

I did buy a new printer ($ cheap) and this work lamp from Ikea. Josh loves this new study space, it's really the first dedicated space he's had for his school work and I think it really makes a difference.

To finish it off we just need to put some roller blinds up (like the rest of the house), maybe a world map, a notice board and I think a big rug would make it the perfect study.

Very grateful to work for all the giveaways and throwaways. The timing was perfect.

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