Saturday, September 5, 2015

Garden Progress!

Finally started planting today. Jumpy claps!! Visited the old faithful Rocklea Markets where I've been getting my plants for years, and picked up some murrayas and gardenias - my all time favourites.

I filled up the rest of the garden bed with soil and planted the spider lily bulbs I bought last week. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get up super early to plant the rest out and maybe even get time to mulch before lunch. After that I have other, pressing matters to attend to.

As usual, Bella was my shadow. She even follows me walking back and forth with the wheelbarrow from the pile of soil to the garden bed. When I'm planting though she plonks herself in the dirt which is annoying because a) she gets dirty and b) she tramples on my plants.

Yes, she's wearing a dog sun shirt.

No, she doesn't like it. But she's prone to skin cancer so she has no choice.

I'm looking forward to those hedges growing so it can hide the neighbour's wheelie bins.

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