Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stage One Garden - Complete!

Man oh man, muscles I didn't even know I had are sore, but stage one of the front garden is….complete!!! Doesn't seem like that much work, but it's an 8000mm X 1200mm garden bed which is 600mm high in some places. That's a lot of dirt to move and a lot of wheelbarrows full to push.

The murrayas are at the back and will (hopefully) form a hedge along the fence. I'll probably hedge it to just above the fenceline. The gardenias are in the middle, but slightly to the back. I feel like I could add another row of something in front of it for a bit more interest, maybe some ground cover star jasmine. The spider lilies are at the front and should grow to spill over the pathway to soften the edges a little.

Some of the murrayas are already starting to bloom and smell divine and little buds are forming on the gardenias. The spider lilies are looking a little worse for wear (something about leaving them out in the elements for a week) but I'm sure they'll come back to life.

I was a good gardening girl and put newspaper down before I mulched, although I ran out halfway through cause I only had Saturday's Courier Mail, but better than nothing I would think.

Ta-dah! I used sugar cane mulch - I LOVE the smell of that stuff. I really should have mulched the other garden bed while I was at it, but I only bought two bales and that was only just enough to do this bed.

I saw an awesome quote the other day at my local nursery. It said, "The best time to plant was 10 years ago. The second best time is today." These little plants are so teeny, but I know they'll grow to be lush and fragrant.

Patience girl. Patience.

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