Sunday, January 17, 2016

Feed me Seymour!

I don't know about you but one of the goals in my life is to have an indoor plant that's the same size as me.


This is my new fiddle leaf ficus and it's HUGE! I bought it from Gumtree for a seriously unbelievable price from someone who had over-ordered. I saw one of these in a shop in the Valley for $180 and it was half this size. I paid less than half this price so I'm one happy chick.

The seller was in the Valley and my fellow plant-loving work colleague grabbed one for each of us and dropped it into work. I had to carry this thing from my office, down Queen Street Mall and back to my car. I got so many stares, which is ridiculous, I mean, haven't you ever seen a girl take her giant plant for a walk?

I've put it in the main entrance way, which is the absolute perfect spot aesthetically and horticulturally. It's indoors and has lots of natural filtered sunlight. It was pretty root bound so I repotted it in this charcoal pot which looks stone, but is actually plastic, which is fab cause if it was stone the whole thing would have weighed a tonne and there's no way I would have been able to move it.

I love this plant sooooo much! It's totally transformed the entrance and makes me smile every time I walk down the stairs.

Oh and I've named him Seymour. You know…

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