Monday, March 14, 2016

New blinds! Jumpy claps!

These were the "blinds" that had been covering the windows above my bed since we'd moved in. They were just a couple of cut pieces of corflute which balanced vicariously on the windowsill, somewhat held in with the latch on either end. The windows generally stay shut for that reason, but every now and then a breeze from the other windows (or the fan) will blow them over and if you're lucky they land on your head in the middle of the night and scare the bejesus out of you!

This is the new blind! Yay!! Jumpy claps!! The online place that I get my blinds from was having a sale, which was first time I'd ever seen them have a sale in the two years that I've been buying from them. So I bit the bullet 

It seems weird, but putting this home together bit by bit reminds me exactly of my mother and my childhood. She would probably have been my age when she built the house that we grew up in and just like my situation, the house was finished, but there were so many little touches still left to do to make it complete. She bought things bit by bit, only as she could afford them and not on credit and I think it was a good philosophy not only to live by but also a good example to set. 

I remember growing up for the longest time with sheets over the windows, held up by pegs. My personal preference is corflute, but Mum preferred sheets. Perhaps corflute wasn't even invented then? It never really occurred to me that it was weird or embarrassing, I was just happy to have a house. I feel like the same is for son. He never complained about having corflute for window furnishings, and he always helped out whenever we were putting up the blinds, when we finally bought them. In fact when I showed him the blinds this time around, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "looks great, what's for lunch?" 

Anyway, we lived in that house for years and it was always evolving, always something new, but always totally liveable as is and that's what I think of our home. Building-wise, everything is complete, it's just those finishing touches that need to be done and they're only ever done as we can afford them.

This was the "blind" in my walk in wardrobe. Also a piece of corflute leftover from one of my work's sites. It balanced there as well by the grace of god, and protected passers-by from any of my wardrobe tantrums.

This is the window without the "furnishings". You can see that it looks straight out onto a main-ish road, so no covers is absolutely not an option.

Although…it does overlook my beloved gardenias in the front garden. I could stare at this all day, but that would look very creepy from the road.

Ta-dah! This is the newly installed blind. It's a translucent blind and not a block out one, so it's easy to look through my clothes in the morning without turning the light on and without having to pull the blind up. I love it so much! Not just because I don't have to worry about the corflute falling out of the windowsill and exposing me to all and sundry. Mostly because it just looks so neat and so finished! There was a slither of sunlight creeping through the top of the sign and it was starting to fade the flooring, but this colour and brand are the perfect fit so no more faded floors. These blinds are absolutely perfect! Very happy Karina.

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