Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The guest bedroom gets a makeover

My parents are due in a few weeks so I thought it might be nice to update the guest bedroom. It's had the same look for a couple of years now, with loads of guests using the room so it's a nice freshen up, especially with the change of season.

I'm LOVING the new quilt cover from Adairs, the larger charcoal cushions are from there as well from last Winter. The dove grey cushions are just cheap ones from Target, but look amazing. All the other decorative items were already in the house, including the fab Bernard Villemot print, which I've just had framed. It's supposed to go in the reading nook outside, but the console it will sit on is on backorder, so it can just sit in the guest bedroom in the meantime.

I've installed blinds in this room as well, which is awesome for my guests cause the morning sun streams straight in.

I'm pretty happy with this…I hope my guests are as well.

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