Friday, January 13, 2017

Remembering...and moving forward.

On this day, six years ago, our adorable little post-war home was engulfed by floodwaters not seen in Brisbane since 1974. We had no idea on that day just what heartbreak, hard work, setbacks, joy and celebration lay ahead.

Every year, on this day, I stop and reflect on the incredible journey this one, massive event of Mother Nature has taken us on. From incredible sadness and stress, to demolition to rebuilding a home that have now had so many fantastic memories and milestones for us.

This year, the anniversary fell on Friday the 13th, but it was far from black day. I actually look back on this day with no anger at all, just fondness and the realisation it was new beginnings.

The other reason this date is special to me, is that, either by sheer coincidence or some other higher force, this is also the anniversary for my partner and I. Though he wasn't my partner at the time of the flood, he has been a massive support for me since day one of "us" on this project. I guess it helps that he's a builder, but literally there's more than just bricks and mortor on a building project - it's the emotional and financial toll and just the constant reassurance that you need to know you're doing the right thing. And for that, it's just one more thing that I'm thankful for.

So here's to remembering the past...and looking forward to the future.

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