Thursday, January 26, 2017

The front garden fourteen months on

The front garden is massively overgrown at the moment and in dire need of pruning and weeding, a problem I never thought I'd have a year ago and one I'm pretty actually pretty happy to have.

I was looking back on a post I did 14 months ago when I'd JUST finished the front yard and the murrayas, gardenias, magnolias and spider lillies looked ever so teeny! I actually thought it would be years before they matured but time and time again, Mother Nature surprises me and here we are with the lush and fragrant garden I dreamed and wrote about.

It hasn't all totally been Mother Nature though. I have spent hours and hours, watering fertilising, weeding and planting over this time. I water them most nights and every week they get a good dose of either epsom salts, Seasol or iron chelate. But this is progress far beyond my expectations and I really can't wait to start on the backyard.

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