Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flooring - Over Engineered?

Spotted Gum

I love polished timber floors and I really want them in the new house. There's no compromise on this. Tiles have no character or depth or warmth. That character comes at a price though.

I love these spotted gum solid timber floors, but to have the builder lay them throughout the home would cost $28,000. Yep, you heard it.

One of the ways I can save some money is to lay the flooring myself after handover. Or rather, my partner can. (He doesn't know that yet). I've done a stack of research and concluded that engineered flooring would be the best option.

Engineered flooring has about 4mm veneer of solid timber over a base that you can click into place over a sub floor. Also known as floating floors.  At the moment I'm looking at Boral Silkwood and Readyflor. They retail for around $95/m2, but I've rung around and bargained it down to about $63/m2. I have about 195m2 to cover so that will cost $12,500 by the time you include underlay and delivery.

I'm also considering Blue Gum, which is the same cost, just a different look .

Sydney Blue Gum

What do you think? Maybe I should run a poll.