Saturday, March 24, 2012

Homes of the Past

There's no doubt that the new home I'm building is a contemporary design. This is the fourth house (if you count the flooded home) that I've owned and each one has been very different.

First Home

Our first home was in Doncaster East in Melbourne. It was a gorgeous clinker brink home with polished wooden floorboards and a fireplace. It had a beautiful front garden with a large maple tree and rose bushes. Josh was only a year old when we moved in and it was he used to play with me in the front garden. It was a lovely home, full of character and old world charm.

Second Home

We moved back to Brisbane in 2002 to be closer to family and bought a lovely replica Queenslander in Sherwood. Even though it was a replica, it had a lovely character feel inside with all the modern conveniences. It had a large back deck overlooking the garden and a small front deck we enjoyed breakfast on at the weekends. We lived there for 7 years and is the home Josh remembers the most about. It's also the first home for our dog Bella and when we first moved out, she dug her way out and ran away. She was found miles away after 4 days, halfway between the new house and the old house. We think she was trying to get back to the only place she'd known as home.

Third Home

My adorable third home is an original post war home. Everyone who visits said it was just one of those homes that had a happy feel about it. It was light and airy and beautifully renovated. There were lovely hardwood floors in a black japan finish and a back deck that overlooked a very large backyard. When the house flooded, the couple who owned the home during the 1974 floods came to visit to see if there was anything they could do to help. The husband, George, was the one who built the back deck and they were very emotional about the situation.  It's just one of those houses that incites emotion. I will miss it very much.

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