Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Wishlist

One thing I'm so excited about is creating a home that has everything on my wishlist. This is my third home (well fourth really, if you count the one that was flooded)  but the first one I've built. I was thinking today about all the rooms and spaces I'm excited about so I thought I'd share them here with you.

Breakfast Bar

I've always imagined the breakfast bar to be the hub of the home. Serving up a casual breakfast to my son while I drink coffee and make lunches before school. Guests mingling around with glasses of wine while I prepare entrees during entertaining. Making after school snacks for Josh and his friends before they disappear downstairs. Even downloading with Graham while we clean up the dishes. I've never had a breakfast bar before and I'm so desperate to have one. The new design has a 2.6 metre benchtop, a very decent size.


We've never really had a proper study in our previous houses. We've had bedrooms that are used as a study, but I'd like a dedicated workspace with built in desks and storage for books and printing supplies. I do a lot of freelance work from home and with Josh in high school now he also needs a study space without distraction.

Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom is on my indulgent wish list. Imagine, a dedicated guest room with room for your visitors to hang their clothes, a welcoming decorated room where you put a guest towels on the bed and guest soaps in the bathroom. We've only previously had a fold out bed in the third bedroom which also doubled as the study. The closets were full of our junk so when we had guests they just had to live out of their suitcase and hang their clothes over the back of chairs. I love the idea of a place that makes your guests actually feel welcome.

Walk in Wardrobe

I have a LOT of clothes and never enough space to hang them. I have to squeeze the coat hangers together and sometimes put two jackets or shirts on one hanger just to fit them in. The new house has an enormous walk in wardrobe. I'm already in love.

Teenagers Retreat

A teenagers retreat was never on my wishlist...until I had a teenager. Now I think a downstairs area where I can throw Josh and his friends should be at top of my list. I always thought that having a separate area for your children was such a non-family thing to do...until I had a teenager. Now I think it should probably have a door and soundproofing ;-P .

Music Room

While I was growing up I learned piano, violin and (heavens above!) the recorder. The piano was probably the least offensive, but the other two were probably just downright frightening. It wasn't so bad for us, as our block was quite large, but as this is a subdivided block, the neighbours will be quite close and I think for neighbourly relations a soundproof room is ideal. Josh plays the guitar and he and his friends have a band that includes the drums. I love that he loves music and want to encourage him as much as I can. I also miss playing the keyboard and my piano is currently in Townsville with my Mum. I would like to bring it down and as I'm a bit rusty, I think a soundproof room would be advantageous to the rest of the neighbourhood.

I can imagine all these spaces in my head, how they'll be decorated, all the times that we'll have in them, I can't wait! I just wish things would hurry up and happen faster.

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