Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cabinetry Designer Meets Cabinet Maker

So Daryl (Interior Designer Extraordinaire) met with the cabinet maker Nev to go over the cabinetry plans for the kitchen and bathrooms.

It was such a privilege to see these two at work. So professional and talented. I could literally see art meets life as Daryl explained his drawings and Nev's mind would tick over it for a while he thought about it, and then he would bring up any issues he could see and solutions he could offer.

They did this little dance of negotiation until they could both reach an acceptable solution. It was quite extraordinary to see and while I'm sure this is the normal process, I wonder whether anyone else has noticed this in such a literal sense.

This is one of Daryl's drawings for the kitchen. It will be a galley style kitchen and this is the cabinetry for along the wall. I absolutely love the hand drawings. I see lots of CAD drawings and renders at work, but I love the personality and creativity behind these hand drawings. My Dad is an architect, perhaps it comes from a childhood of watching him draw at his desk.

I love how Daryl's just taken my mish mash of requirements and interpreted them perfectly. This is exactly what I wanted - a simple galley style kitchen with clean minimalist lines but space for coffee machine, mixers, cookbooks, recycle bins and chopping boards. I needed a place for all of these as I hate having items on the bench tops.

Here are the plans for the main bathroom. It has that DIVINE freestanding bath with the pendant light over it. The cabinet will be wall hung with mirrored storage behind.

Rendered 3D drawings will be created for all the cabinetry, but for the moment, this step made me very happy!


  1. Very exciting stuff!!!

    Look forward to seeing it come to life.


  2. Looks like it will be a gorgeous bathroom! Kirty