Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 63 - REVEALED!

I arrived to attend the electrical rough in and the scaffolding had been taken down to reveal THIS!! Ohhhhhh!! I'm so happy to say that it looks EXACTLY how I imagined it would. I was always a little worried it wouldn't look how I thought it had been designed and I let out a huge sigh of relief when I finally saw the facade.

I looooove how the trim on the gable worked out. We had lots of options including an aluminium backing, and black background and larger widths of timber. Sometimes it's so hard to make a decision based on a brochure or website and once it's done that's it. It's a lot of pressure. What we chose for this was thinner strips of timber on a white background for a clean look. The timber is cedar and I think it came up a treat!

This week the brickies are on site completing the piers. We have changed the size of the piers from 470 wide to 350 wide. I think they look much better, but I'll write more on that when they're finished.

I look back on the blog and realise it's really only been a couple of months since they've started and the builders have made such amazing progress. Each day the site is such a hive of activity, with all sorts of tradies working alongside each other just doing their thing. I'm in awe of how hard it would be to coordinate all of these and keep everything to such a tight schedule.

With the electrical rough in and plumbing rough in completed, they will soon be finished to enclosure stage and onto fit off. This means I need to finalise my colours for the cabinetry, choose new tiles for the bathroom floor (my other ones weren't suitable) and sort out a stormwater issue that's yet to be resolved. We're still on schedule and I can finally see an end in sight to this project after almost 2 years!


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  1. The timber to your gable looks great. It is a nice contrast to the White On White, though still keeping in with the contemporary look of the facade. I love it! It'll be even more exciting once they start on your internal fit out... Kirty x