Sunday, January 12, 2014

Armchair Dilemma

Over the holiday season we've had a steady stream of out of town, overseas and interstate visitors and after we've finished lunch or dinner or whatever, there's just not enough chairs in our little living space.

We've had our Tatler three seater sofa since we moved in and I still love it! It looks stylish and a bit Mad Men like, but when you're all sitting on it facing one way, it's a bit awkward for conversation. I think I just need one more occasional chair against the wall. Actually, that's probably all that would fit in the small space.

So I give you - ta dah - my choices for an occasional chair.

The Topanga chair from Oz Design. I love this one and it's much larger than it looks in the picture. Reminds me a bit of a Grandpa chair at this size. Pretty comfy and on sale at the moment (clappy hands). The legs also match the sofa but this one is fabric and not leather like the Tatler, which I think would be a nice contrast.

Pros: Very purdy and stylish, compliments the sofa perfectly.
Costs: Kinda exy, even on sale.

Ahh the Retro chair from Freedom. I've been in love with this chair for like, forever. It's timeless, comfy, compliments the sofa. In a word, it's just beautiful. Having said this, I feel that it might actually be better suited to the reading room because of its size. I LOVE this colour fabric too!

Pro: Beautiful!
Con: Still a bit exy.

The Gregory chair from Voyager Interiors. Pretty much exactly the same as the Retro chair from Freedom but annoyingly they don't have prices on the website, so I'm waiting to hear back. The Freedom chair is super comfy so I wonder if this is the same?

Pros: See Retro chair
Cons: Shipping costs

OK this one is a bit of a ring in. Probably bottom of my list (well, literally bottom of the list) but I still like it. This is the Bergman chair from Dare Gallery. Same style with the tapered round legs and button detail so would definitely compliment the sofa, it just doesn't have that lurv factor that the others do. Well for me anyway.

Pros: On sale, same style.
Cons: I love it, but not IN love with it. (It's not's me).

OK, so there's my choices.  What say you?

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