Sunday, January 19, 2014


I don't like throwing things out. It comes from my Mum and Dad. That's where it ends though because they NEVER actually throw it out! (Hi Mum if you're reading this :-) Not Dad, he doesn't even have a computer.)

Anyhoo, I hate throwing things out, but I'm happy to sell it, give it away, repurpose. You know I've long been a fan of Gumtree so this weekend I posted some stuff to try and clear out the granny flat a bit.

This was the Crimsafe security door at the back of the now demolished house. It was made to order and post war homes had different size doors to today's standard so I wasn't all that confident of selling it. Someone would either have to have a house from that era or build a new frame to match, in which case they would then have trouble finding a door to fit. Regardless I posted it anyway and would you believe, a lady bought it for her kitten enclosure.


That's what I said. I texted her back and said she would have the safest kitties around. Turns out she runs an kitten adoption agency (awwwww) and the kittens kept scratching the old mesh and tearing it. OK. That makes sense. $250...nice one.

These were the offcuts from the building of the bathrooms and kitchen in the new house. There were a couple of the cutouts from the sinks but there was a full length bathroom benchtop that had been cut too short. Retail these pieces were probably worth over $1,000 as it's Essastone, but unless you have the right equipment to cut it, it's a bit useless. I listed it anyway for pretty much a giveaway price as it would have cost me more to throw it out, given how heavy it was.

A really lovely and polite young man came to buy it. He was renovating his first home by himself and was going to use them for his kitchen and bathroom. I only put $80 on the lot, but clearly I should have put more because I was fielding calls and creating waiting lists straight away. But I love young first home buyers trying to make a start like this so if he'd twisted my arm I'd probably had given it to him for free.

Sorry, crappy photo, but these were the gates from the old house. We'd actually made these so it was a bit sad to see them go, but they wouldn't suit the new house and I didn't want to have a fence that high in the new place. So I listed five of them for $25 each.

A sweet old lady who had dogs bought all of them. She was being moved by Housing Commission to a new home without a fence so she need an "instant" and cheap fence, which is exactly how I marketed them on Gumtree! She was so sweet I gave her all the leftover matching timber.

I'm always a little astounded by what people will buy. I guess the saying One man's trash is another man's treasure is true. Anyway, I made LOADS of room in the granny flat, made some money for the new fence and (hopefully) made some people a bit happier. Win all around!

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