Tuesday, January 21, 2014

California Design

I went and saw the California Design Exhibition at The Queensland Art Gallery recently with Josh and my Mum. I so love mid century design, it's so classic and timeless and one of the main influences of the interior of my home.

It's so Mad Men-esque with all the wood veneer panelling and minimalist sleek designs. I could just imagine Betty Draper here, with her picture perfect wardrobe and perfect hair.

They must have thought it all looked so modern back then. I wonder what people will think of furniture today in 50 years' time. What will my grandchildren think of my furniture in 50 years' time?

Mum would have grown up with this style of furniture. How bizarre. It must have been a bit weird seeing everyday things from your childhood in an exhibition. I saw some things there too that I grew up with, at my Grandmother's place. I used to think they were nana-old. Now I just think they're cool. 

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