Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day Eleven - Construction Complete!!!

It's FINISHED!!! It was essentially finished last week, but we were waiting for a bracket and for some final adjustments to be made which stopped us from shutting the gate. But now that's all done and dusted and woo-hoo, construction is complete!

We're sooo happy with everything. The design and the look has come out exactly as planned and the quality is beyond our expectations. This fence is S.O.L.I.D!

The letterbox is in as well! We were a bit limited in the types we could have because the sliding door went all the way across the pedestrian gate, we couldn't have an in-wall letterbox so we had to have one that just mounted from the front. No matter, we're happy with this!

But…what makes us the most happy is the fact that this little button is home! Our dog Bella hasn't been able to come home without a fence, it's our main reason for putting it up. She now has a massive yard to run around and explore and there's someone home everyday so she's not lonely. She's been so happy just lounging around on her bean bag and just being back home.

Happy days.

Next step, paint! We would like to do it this weekend, but rain is forecast all long weekend. No matter, we're just enjoying the completion of this stage and having our dog back.

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