Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day Four - Fence Project - Gates are in!

The gates are in!! Huzzah! The pedestrian gate is on the left (looking out, obviously), sliding gate in the middle and swinging gate on the vacant lot on the right. 

I'm pleasantly surprised that the gates are steel. It wasn't in the quote and I just assumed it would be timber so jumpy claps for that. The sliding gate is quite long and does slide over the pedestrian gate, but that's unavoidable for the type of gate I wanted and the narrow frontage of a small lot.

No comments please on the state of the garden. I'm well aware, but really looking forward to putting some plants into this bad boy.

Tomorrow the railings go on the gates go on and then it might be even be ready for the weekend for us to paint!

Oh and here's the letterbox we chose. I think we will put in on the fence between the pedestrian gate and the sliding gate.

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