Saturday, January 31, 2015

Guild Grey or Ticking?

I've narrowed down the paint choice for the posts to Dulux "Guild Grey" (on the left) and darker Dulux "Ticking" on the right. I'm not sure I can tell just from a small sample. The Guild Grey is a shade darker than the "Simone Weil" that is on the front door, so I don't know if there's enough contrast.  On the other hand, we don't want the fence competing with the house so perhaps a light colour would due better?

Actually I prefer the Guild Grey, I'm just not sure it will provide enough contrast. Everything is just 50 shades of grey…

This "Ticking" is way more dramatic.  But is that what I want? Decisions…decisions!  I have a bit of time to decide anyway. All these nail holes have to be plugged up and sanded back and everything given a coat of primer.

It's finally stopped raining and the weekend is here so guess what we'll be doing….?

Happy Friday everyone!!

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