Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The saga continues...le sigh

I never thought any more projects around this house could be as painful as the great skirting board stuff up of 2014, but I think the fence painting project long surpassed that many, many weeks ago. 

Last week I was at home with the sick child and by 4.00pm was tearing my hair out. An IT issue at work meant I couldn't log on to work emails and the sick one had finally settled to sleep. For whatever reason I thought was good idea, I started painting very late in the day just before the start of Winter. I was just so sick of this project not being finished.

My neighbour, bless him, has renovated before and is quite useful at times, came out and said, "um, it's too damp to be painting, it won't dry." I was like (in my head), "Rarw, don't tell me what to to do!", but out loud was like, "oh it will be fine." *smiles sweetly*.

So I painted until 6pm, well and truly in darkness, running into the garage every 4 minutes like a madwoman to trip the security lights so I could see what/where the hell I was painting.

I painted the rest of the back of fence, smiling smugly as I washed out the brushes. I slept soundly that night, rather pleased with myself that I'd made some decent progress.

So imagine my horror the next morning when I walked out the front door and the fence looked like this.

Whaaaaaaat the???

So apparently, and you probably already know this cause I'm the only person in THE WORLD that doesn't know, but you shouldn't paint at night when it's damp cause your paint won't dry and the condensation will make the paint run. 

I just want to cry. And worse still I had no sympathy from work colleagues (who hear weekly about my painting dramas) or anyone else because everyone knows not to paint at night. Actually some of them couldn't stop laughing. I think that's very insensitive.

Waaaaaaaaaaaah!! This is never going to end...

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