Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Garden Project Commences

Now that the fence is finished (jumpy claps) I can get on with what I love most...the garden! I purposely didn't start on the garden a) because I don't like to start one thing before I finish another and b) I wanted some sort of incentive and reward to finish. Some people hate gardening. I love it. Love it!!

I took this pic so I can look back and see how the front garden started. Empty. I love looking back over time so I can see how much progress there's been. Sometimes you forget. I love this pic for a few reasons. Firstly, it's day one of what I know will be an ongoing project. Secondly, it's such a moment in time. Can you spot Bella? Look harder. This is her favourite spot. It's probably the only spot on the block with grass and gets the warm afternoon sun. While I was gardening she was happy to just sit there for hours. She should enjoy as much as she can because that spot is earmarked for a magnolia. Although that will probably be a while yet.

Ta-dah! This was this weekend's project- stage 1 (of 30) complete. It's a combination of gardenia magnificas I bought from the Rocklea Markets and some I had forgotten I had put in the veggie garden way down the back. I can't even remember why I put them there. I think I had bought a heap in pots to put in the garden but because the fence/driveway was taking so long, I planted them in the veggie patch and then promptly forgot about them. 

Gardenias are my absolute favourite and this will be part of a "white fragrant garden" which will cover the four separate gardens at the front. I plan to put magnolias, gardenias, murrrayas, star jasmine and white spider lillies. 

I added a border of mondo grass and hopefully this is the last of that I'll ever have to buy. At the last house I only bought one tray and I just kept dividing as they grew and they eventually did the whole back garden. 

Watch this space! xx

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